The Voyager Program 

The Voyager Program provides  MID students, in 11th-12th grade, the opportunity to earn college credit using dual enrollment.  Students enrolled in the Voyager program will have the opportunity to gain a College Transfer Certificate (One year of college credits) or an Associates Degree (two years of college credits). Students can earn a few college credits or choose to complete their Associate degree through MID utilizing the NC Career and College Promise program.  

What is Dual Enrollment?

Students enrolled in the Voyager Dual Enrollment Program can achieve HS elective requirements at the same time as they earn college credit (Dual Credits).  Students will also be able to take transferable college credits while enrolled at MID.


Dual Enrollment or AP Courses?

Dual Enrollment and AP Courses both allow students to earn college level credit while in High School. Dual Enrollment students receive college credit when they earn a passing grade in the course and the credit is transferable to any college accepting the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement. Students taking AP Courses must earn a passing grade in the AP course and then pass a standardized test through the college board after the completion of the course to earn college credit. College credit earned by taking an AP course is not protected under the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement and is not guaranteed to transfer to your student’s college of choice.  Furthermore, When students completing dual credit coursework are compared to those completing AP course work, the success rate of the student completing post secondary credits doubles.  For example, in Florida, 94% of dual enrollment students earn post secondary credit compared to 41% for student who were enrolled in AP coursework.  

*Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) is a pact between NC’s universities and its community colleges that provides smooth transfer of credits between the two systems.

What are the Pathways Available?

The Voyager Program will offer 3 college transfer pathways:

  • Arts Transfer Pathway

  • Science Transfer Pathway

  • Engineering Transfer Pathway

In addition to the college transfer pathways, there are over 50 technical pathways available to students who want to explore interest for future college or career interest.  Click the link to view an example of the Graduation Requirements Art Pathway.

What are the requirements to enroll in the Voyager Program?

  • Students must be enrolled in Mountain Island Day School and maintain a 2.5 GPA.

  • Students must complete and pass English I, English II, Algebra, Algebra II and/or Geometry, Biology I, World History, Civics and Economics, and Health/PE.

  • Students must Pass the ACCUPLACER Placement test or meet the requirements with other approved assessments. (ACT, PLAN, PSAT, SAT) Placement Test Requirements 

  • Students must complete a minimum of one credit of foreign language with a preference of two credits of the same foreign language.

  • Students enrolled in the Voyager Program will be required to take a minimum of four courses per semester including high school and college courses. 


ACCUPLACER Study Guide-Practice Test


How can a student meet the high school requirements for graduation and earn college credit?


MID begins college prep courses as early as 8th grade.  When students plan ahead they can choose the track they would like to explore. Students are required to take 24 HS credits to meet NC graduation requirements.  MID students on a four block A/B schedule will achieve 8 credits each year or 32 credits in their HS career (9th-12th grade).  Students can take required HS courses through the dual program and earn both HS and College credit for the course.  For Example, American History I and II can be taken as a dual credit course.  Eligible students can easily complete one of the transfer pathways (one year of college) by planned course selection.  

The Voyager Program can save your family thousands of dollars in college expense.


According to the College Board's Trends in College Pricing, the 2011-2012 average total costs (including tuition, fees, room and board) were $17,131 for instate four-year public colleges and universities, $29,657 out-of-state, and $38,589 for four-year private colleges.  In 2021 the average cost for an in state public four-year college could be as high as $30,679.  Students taking valuable college credits in high school can save your family thousands of dollars in college expense.  

Why should my student enroll in the Voyager Program?

  • 40% of college students drop out of college the first year.  The Voyager Program will see them through the first year.​

  • MID teaches the skills needed to be successful in college and guides students through the basic college courses to increase overall college success rates.  

  • ​Saves your family thousands of dollars in college expense.

  • Students can explore career choices before entering college. 

For additional information and other details please contact Miss Emily Bradley by calling 704-391-5516 or

Mountain Island Day Community Charter 1209 Little Rock Road Charlotte NC 28214   PH: 704-391-5516