• MID is an established accredited K-12th grade school.

  • MID converted to a tuition free charter school in August 2018. 

  • MID opened in 2009 offering TK-3rd grade and has added a grade each year. 

  • MID graduated its first senior class in June 2018.

  • 75% of MID’s 12th graders are taking college coursework and 62% of MID’s 12th graders will graduate with 1 year of college credit.

  • 25% of students graduated in 2018 with 1 year of college credit are graduating a year early.

  • MID was accredited in 2014 by AdvancED.

  • MID moved to its current location in August of 2016 to accommodate school growth and to provide opportunity for facility expansion.

  • MID currently has over 600 students enrolled. 

  • 84.9% of MID's 3rd-5th grade students are at or above grade level in reading.

  • 72% of MID's 3rd-8th grade students are at or above grade level in math.

  • MID plans to add additional students over the next five years with enrollment totaling 936 students.

  • MID is a uniform school, K-7th grade wear uniforms and 8-12th grade have a dress code.  

  • MID is currently a member of Carolina State Athletic Association (CSAA) and Metro Area Athletic Conference (MAAC)-Middle and High School Athletics

  • MID's elementary students play on organized school teams, coached by parent volunteers, through the local optimist leagues. (Mountain Island Optimist and Western United Soccer)

  • MID's average class size is 18 students.

  • MID's student to teacher ratio is 11:1.

Questions Answered!
Frequently Asked Questions


What is a charter School?  A charter school is a publicly funded school of choice approved by the State Board of Education.  They are operated by a independent non profit.  Charter schools operate with freedom from many of the regulations that govern district schools, but are held accountable through the state assessment and accountability system.

Do charter school's charge tuition?  Charter schools are funded by state and local tax dollars and are tuition free.

Who can attend a charter school?  Students must be a North Carolina resident.  Charter schools are a school of choice allowing parents and students to choose which school they attend and is limited only by space availability.  

Do I need to apply during open enrollment and/or lottery every year?  Students admitted into MID do not need to apply for the lottery every year.  Students placed on a wait list must reapply each year.

Will I be contacted about my status after open enrollment and/or lottery? MID will post a list following the lottery. We do not contact each family after the lottery has occurred.

How do charter schools differ from my neighborhood school? Charter schools are operated by an independent non profit board of directors.  Parents can have a voice in their child's education by serving on the board.  Charter schools are a school of choice chosen by parents and students therefore parents are often very involved in volunteering their time to the school.

Is MID a uniform school? Yes, MID is a uniform school. K-7th grade students wear a school approved uniform with logo and students in 8th-12th have a dress code.



What are the immunization requirements? North Carolina law requires all children in the state to receive certain immunizations.  

Mountain Island Day Community Charter 1209 Little Rock Road Charlotte NC 28214   PH: 704-391-5516