Shannon Hammer 10th Grade

Visual Arts

Art classes are offered to all of our students beginning with our T K students. Elementary students attend art class once a week. In addition, we offer after school club for students that would like to explore additional techniques and mediums.  


Students in 5th-12th grade have the opportunity to take art as a Fine Arts Elective.  Students can take a 2-D or 3-D art course where they explore various mediums and techniques.  


Our art students work is displayed throughout the school hallways, lobby, local business, and school special events.

MID offers an elective to students in 5th-12th grade where students explore STEAM.  (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) 


Music classes are offered to all of our students beginning with our TK Students. Students attend class once a week through elementary school. In addition to weekly classes we also offer an afterschool Choir Club.


Students in 5th-12th grade have the opportunity to take music as a Fine Arts Elective.  The staff of the Arts coordinate their programing to support the various programs.  Our Musical Review may include students from our Music classes with sets designed by our art students.  


There are numerous events throughout the year where students have the opportunity to show case all they have learned.  Our music programs include vocal performances, hand bells, boom whackers, and even bucket drummers. 





Drama is offered to all of our students. Our Kindergartners perform a readers theater, our middle and high school students perform at school wide functions and in an end of year Drama Production.  


In addition to our Drama elective we offer a set design elective that allows students to participate in the year end production through set design and stage technical design.  This year’s musical review is Love, Faith, Beauty, & Hope.





MID offers an elective for both middle school and high school band. Students choose and learn to play an instrument.  Students perform at school functions.  


MID will add Dance as an elective in 2018-2019 school year

Houses for hope

Students created beautiful magnets and sold them at our annual fall festival.  All proceeds from this event was donated to benefit breast cancer research.

Mountain Island Day's 
 Fine Arts Presents

Save The Date

April 22nd 5:30pm-7:30pm

Spaghetti Dinner and Musical Review

A Musical Review

Love, Faith, Beauty & Hope



Our elementary students created self portraits after reading "The Colors of Us" by Karen Katz in recognition of Martin Luther King.  We discussed how God used his paint brush to paint each of us.  Students experimented mixing colors to create their beautifully unique skin color like the main character Lena did in the story.  

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