Required Summer Reading 8th-12th Grade

In keeping with our mission statement, placing focus on character development, physical and emotional health MID's 2018 summer read for 8th-12th grade will be "The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make". Please be sure to get the updated version that includes social media.

In this newly revised edition, Sean Covey helps teens figure out how to approach the six major challenges they face: gaining self-esteem, dealing with their parents, making friends, being wise about teen relationships, coping with substances, and succeeding at school and planning a career.  Covey covers how technology affects these six decisions, keeping the information and advice relevant to today’s teenagers.

MID will use this book and the workbook throughout the year dissecting the topics within during our upper school character education workshops.  This book can be checked out at your local library for the summer or you can order your copy now by clicking the link below. 


*This is a required summer read.  Both books will be required as part of our student back to school supplies for 8th-12th grade, the workbook will be used during character education workshops in the 2018-2019 school year. 

The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make

The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make (Workbook)

Summer Reading 1st-7th Grade

During the past school year, your child’s school has supported and encouraged independent reading to build your child’s fluency, vocabulary, and enjoyment for reading and, you’ve likely done the same thing at home.  Summer break is almost here and summer reading loss is real!  If your child doesn’t read over the summer, they will likely lose skills. Studies suggest that children who read as few as six books over the summer maintain the level of reading skills they achieved during the preceding school year. Reading more books leads to even greater success.  Let's prevent our students from experiencing summer reading loss by committing to have them read at minimum 6 books this summer.  

Students who return to school having read a minimum of 6 books on the summer reading will participate in a special ice cream party the first week of school.  Students must return the Reading Tracker Form signed by their parent confirming the completion of the required reading.  

ALA 2018 Reading List K-2nd grade

ALA 2018 Reading List 3rd-5th grade

ALA 2018 Reading List 6th-8th grade

College Preparatory

At Mountain Island Day the concept of college and career readiness is front and center.  Freshmen are enrolled in a college preparatory course where they research various majors, colleges, and future career options.  This course is designed to begin counseling 

 students, aid them in creating future goals and establishing steps to achieve them. Students visit college campuses throughout high school and are able to get a head start on their college careers by taking dual credit and college coursework throughout their junior and senior year of high school.  In 2018 seventy five percent of our graduating class will have taken a college course and sixty percent will graduate with over 30 transfer hours of college credit.  

Focus On Character Education

Throughout history, character education has been the shared responsibility of parents, teachers and members of the community, who come together to support positive character development. Character education teaches the habits of thought and deed that help people live and work together as families, friends, neighbors, communities and nations.



Character education is a learning process that enables students and adults in a school community to understand, care about and act on core ethical values such as respect, justice, civic virtue and citizenship, and responsibility for self and others. Upon such core values, we form the attitudes and actions that are the hallmark of safe, healthy and informed communities that serve as the foundation of our society. 

Practical Implications: To be effective; character education cannot be an added on to a curriculum.  It is something that must be integrated throughout the curriculum, extra-curricular activities, and social interactions that occur within the school community on a daily basis. It is centered around the development of the whole child in an educational climate that nurtures academic success through teaching respect and self-esteem. Students engage in a variety of experiential learning activities that include cooperative learning, role playing, creative thinking, problem-solving, and conflict resolution strategies. Character education must offer multiple opportunities for students to learn about, discuss, and enact positive social behaviors. Student leadership and involvement are essential for character education to become a part of a student's beliefs and actions.


As a small school Mountain Island Day has always had a strong community.  Our administrators and teachers are viewed as leaders and parents as partners working together with a shared vision of a quality education in a caring, supportive, and inclusive environment.  MID provides opportunities for parents, guardians, and extended family to take part in their children's education.  We host Veteran’s day programs, fall festival, school wide dances, grade level programs, K-12th grade athletics, and many, many, more opportunities for families and students to fellowship with one another.  Schools who promote a strong sense of community:

  • Cultivates a respectful, supportive relationship among students, teachers, and parents.

  • Enables parents to take active roles in the school and in their children’s education.

  • Improve academic achievement.

  • Stress the development of qualities essentials to good character and citizenship.

  • Teach skills of collaboration, fairness, concern for others, and personal responsibility.

  • Provides developmentally appropriate opportunities for autonomy and influence which helps prepare students for the complexity of citizenship and democracy.  

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